The eyes.

They have been called the window into the soul.

A way to speak to another person, without ever having to utter a word.

For many people, the eyes are the first thing that they notice about somebody else upon the first meeting.

When it comes to woman, making your eyes more appealing are a great way to stop traffic and get a high amount of attention from the rest of the population from both male and female parties.

A great way to make your eyes more desirable is by adding a flare to your eyelashes.

This can be done in one of two ways, mascara and lash extensions.

We are going to discuss both options, so, you are able to weigh the pros and cons for your personal needs and then decide which path is the best fit for you.

If you are someone that changes their style and mind frequently, using mascara will probably be the best option for you.

It is something that you can use every single day as much or as little enhancement as you desire that day and it can be removed when you not longer wish to have the effect.

A big con to this method is that if you are pron to rub your eyes often, you could remove the make up and possibly stain your outfit or make a smeared mark across your face.

This could be dangerous, depending on the environment you are in, if you are at the office or about to walk into a big meeting; this could affect the results greatly as it would make it look like you just cried for the last ten hours.

Getting mascara into your eye, does not feel good.

It is extremely difficult to remove from the lashes and can be potentially bad for long term usage, as it can damage the lashes themselves from application and removal.

If you are someone who is sure that this is a feature that you want to bring into the light on yourself for long term effect, it is probably the best option to go with the extensions.

You can get them professionally placed on, which will erase the need to have to worry about application, mess and loss of lashes.

This is a great path for those who do not have extra time in the morning, there is no work that is to be involved other than going in every three to six weeks to have them redone.

The eyes are one of the most amazing features of the face, when you are dealing with making your vision stand out against a crowd; you have two options.

Picking the right one is the hardest part of this transformation, after you have decided which method is best fit for your needs, then all you have to do is walk around and enjoy the results.

Taking care of your body and making sure that you are doing everything possible to look your best, is a great sign of confidence; it is a good way to make yourself feel better in your body.

Having beautiful eye lashes is a great way to boost confidence and draw all of the other eyes onto you.