Being An Independent Woman

Ladies, every woman goes through a time in her life where she just focuses on herself.

During this period of finding herself, she becomes empowered to be the best version of who she is and finds out what she is capable of becoming.

That is a strong, beautiful, independent woman.

Realizing how amazing you truly are, is just the beginning.

Being independent has a different meaning to every woman.

For some it means having knowledge, this can range from knowing how to change your own tire, to graduating from college at the top of your class.

To others, it could be as simple as not relying on anyone else, being able to pay all your bills, handle all of your own struggles and making sure that you are happy in your own company.

A lot of men assume that the only thing a woman wants from them is there money and they find dependent women to be unattractive after a certain point in their life.

Being independent affects how you view the world, yourself, your relationships, your career and how other people look at you.

When you are empowered by being able to handle any situation life throws at you, by yourself; it forces you to walk different, talk different and carry yourself in a whole new manner.

You are not going to be the only one who notices it either, everyone who comes into contact with you will be able to sense this shift in persona.

It is a way of demanding respect, without having to say a word.

Ladies who are independent are not going to put up with anything less than they deserve, this includes all aspect of their lives from friends, jobs and relationships.

It does not mean that they are hardhearted or being difficult.

All it shows is that they value themselves enough to not put up with friendships that force them to give up who they are or put them in situations that they have to sacrifice their own self respect, because an independent woman has no desire to fit in with a crowd; she is strong all by herself.

She will never put up with being treated poorly in a work environment, she is not picky, she just knows her worth and will stop at nothing to be sure that everyone who she does business with understands that her values come before cash flow.

When it comes to a relationship, it takes a strong man to be able to handle a self serving woman, they know exactly how they are supposed to be treated by a grown man and they are not going to waste their time to teach him what he should already know.

She is not afraid to walk away from something, when she knows that settling is for the weak and moving on to better is the main source of self respect.

Having independence as a woman has so many benefits to living a life that you can be proud to say is yours.

You will never have to worry about putting up with less than you deserve and no body will ever make you feel worthless, because you know exactly where you stand and what you bring to the table.